Rev. Cecil Quamina
Rev. Cecil U. Quamina is Senior Pastor of the First Church of the Open Bible, San Fernando, Trinidad. Rev. Quamina is a leader and visionary at heart with over thirty (30) years of ministerial experience. His tenacity, his simple, pure faith in the power of prayer, and the ability of the Holy Spirit to do the impossible, have allowed the church to grow from a small group of saints in 1983 to over 3,000 active members at present.

A trained teacher, and Bible school graduate, the call to preach was so strong on his life that he left his job as a teacher to enter into full time ministry. After graduating from The Open Bible Institute of Theology, he served as youth pastor for eleven years, and was installed to the office of senior pastor in 1984.

As director of the Church Growth International Seminars for the past four years, Pastor Quamina has brought to the body of Christ a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has traveled extensively, teaching at Church Growth Seminars throughout the UK, USA, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Trinidad and Tobago. “I believe that growth should be the intention of all ministries,” says Pastor Quamina, “God wants us to multiply and replenish. All leaders should possess largeness of heart.” Many new churches have been born and others have been resuscitated through his ministry. As a pastor, his greatest sense of fulfillment comes from seeing lives converted and souls saved. He remembers with joy, a crusade on the island of Guadeloupe, where as many as three hundred people gave their hearts to Jesus during three days of meetings.

“I believe that growth should be the intention of all ministries, God wants us to multiply and replenish. All leaders should possess largeness of heart.”

Pastor Quamina has no regrets about his ministry. He feels a deep sense of satisfaction because he lives and works with passion and energy. Thus far, because of his uncompromising faith in the God of miracles and his belief in the power of sowing and reaping he has seen all his projects come to fruition.

This humble man of God deems it an honour to have been used by God to bring SFOB to one which draws people from all over the country to come and experience the power of God through prayer. He is blessed with the gift of faith and views every challenge as a hurdle to exercise and develop spiritual muscle. He faces every mountain with a positive attitude.

One of Pastor Quamina’s greatest wishes is to see consistent Christlikeness displayed in the lives of God’s people. Our behaviour in the church should be the same as in the marketplace. He also desires greater unity and networking among churches. He believes in the expansion principle outlined in the fourth chapter of The Gospel according to Mark. He lives and works by the belief that the Spirit of multiplication leads to dynamism and growth within the body of Christ. He adheres to the conviction that the Church should be local as well as global.

Married to Rev. Deborah Quamina, they are the proud parents of three children – Kezia, Luke and Sara Lee. The Quamina family uses every opportunity to blend their family life with ministry. Pastor Quamina admits that his most fulfilling moment as a pastor was to experience his son Luke preaching his first message.

Pastor Quamina counts it a joy and an honour to be of service to the Kingdom of God. His vision is to see the Church expand to unexplored areas such as accommodation, agriculture and drug rehabilitation. A man with a vision and heart for the people he leads, he practices what he preaches that “relationships are greater than all our accomplishments”, because he believes that people matter to God.

Rev. Deborah Quamina
Rev. Deborah Quamina was saved at the age of thirteen under the ministry of Rev. Edward Wood. She is the adopted daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Weldon Davis former missionaries to T&T from Toledo, Ohio. Hers is a simple but profound faith in God. She is a gifted counselor, encourager, and unflinching intercessor. God has given her a powerful testimony of deliverance and provision in her life. She became a credentialed minister in 1973, and has been involved in active ministry for over thirty (30) years.

At the San Fernando Open Bible Church Sister Debbie – as she is fondly called – is a spiritual mother and mentor who, over the years has given yeoman service to the children’s ministry, youth ministry, counselling, and affirmation of senior members, and shares responsibility for the Counselling and Family Ministries. Like her husband, she is a spiritual stalwart with unwavering faith.

Her hearty laugh and joyful spirit endear her to many. Her effectual, fervent prayer, spiritual maturity, and unswerving loyalty to the Kingdom of God, have made her a vital part of this ministry.

She is the wife of the Senior Pastor, Rev. Cecil Quamina, and a mother of three, Kezia Quamina-Holmes who lives in Columbus Ohio, Luke David – a graduate in Information Technology from Florida Memorial University, and Sarah-Lee who is pursuing her tertiary education in Communication and International Relations.

Rev. Keith Simmons
Rev. Keith Simmons is widely known as a man with a heart for people. Adding to this his very affable nature, it was easy for him to become a minister after studies at the Open Bible Institute of Theology, from which he graduated in 1980. A former teacher at the Open Bible High School, Pastor Keith currently heads the Creative Evangelism (Basketball), Mentoring and Prison Ministries, along with his duties as an Assistant Pastor at this church. He served as pastor at Couva, did pioneer work in Grenada, and has ministered in Curacao and Aruba.

Known for his preaching emphasis on living holy and righteous lives that exemplify Christ, Pastor Keith would like to see a return to more reverence for the sanctity of the house of God, and also Christians having a deeper altar experience, and higher moral and spiritual standards in respect to lifestyles.

Married to Camelite Ramsey-Simmons, a teacher at the Open Bible Kindergarten, and leader in the Children’s Ministry and Children’s Choir, they are the parents of two girls, Keziah Simmons-Grant, and Kelliah Simmons, both in ministry at the First Church.

Pastor Angela Griffith
A former private school teacher, Pastor Angela Griffith gave up that job after five years to satisfy her zeal to bring others to Jesus. She has never once questioned that decision. Neither has “Sister Angela”, as she is fondly called, lost any of that zeal. She is known to be a down to earth, tell-it like-it-is preacher. Having graduated from Bible School in 1960 and later receiving her ordination credentials in 1967, Sister Angela is considered a mother to many. She served for forty-seven years as a pastor alongside her late husband, Pastor Fitzroy Griffith Sr.

Sister Angela loves to rise very early in the morning to have the Lord speak to her either from His word or by directly placing something in her spirit. It was during one of these times of communion that God gave her the personal watchwords: “Don’t complain. Don’t compare. Don’t compromise.”

Over the years Sister Angela has had many experiences. She says, “God is fabulous. He comes through at the most unusual times.” She has conducted seminars, preached and spoken at conferences locally and internationally, including work on the mission field in Guyana, and most recently in South Africa. Sister Angela taught at both the north and south campuses of Open Bible Institute of Theology for over eighteen years, and has recently been “re-called” to this duty. At this church, she is responsible for the Counselling, Family Life, H.E.L.P., and Women’s ministries.

Apart from her six children, and fifteen grand children, her greatest joy comes from seeing individuals saved and fulfilling their purpose in Christ.

Pastor Douglas Gibson
Pastor Douglas Gibson accepted the Lord in his mid-twenties, under the ministry of then Senior Pastor Carlyle Chankersingh. Not long after, Pastor “Douggie”, as he is affectionately called, began a Bible Study group in Marabella, and became an associate pastor at this church.

The holder of a Diploma in Theology, he has served as a Sunday School teacher, on the Youth Committee, as leader of the Prayer and Worship ministry, and on the church board for several terms. He is also the founder of The Christian Solidarity Movement – a gathering of young people (sometimes up to two thousand) from all over the island, coming together to pray, worship and seek the Lord. This movement also conducts a fortnightly radio program.

Along with his duties as a Bible School instructor, National Prayer Coordinator, and leader of the School of Prayer (which began with a class of 30, and this year had 150 graduates), Pastor Gibson is now the Pastor of the Embacadere Open Bible Transformation Centre, ministering to a vibrant and youthful core of leaders. His passions include Teaching on Prayer, Worship, Relationships and Purpose. He also feels strongly about his Vision for the Christian Solidarity Movement which is Equipping young people to unite the church and empowering them to fulfill purpose.

He is married to Myrna, and together they have three sons – Kirk, Leighton and Kirsten.

Pastor Laura Mohammed
A former pharmacist, Pastor Laura Mohammed graduated from Faith Revival School of Ministry in 1987 and joined the pastoral staff at First Church in 1993. Sister Laura has been blessed with the gift of administration and achieves a great sense of fulfillment from seeing believers grow in their relationship with God and use their gift and talents for His kingdom.

She oversees Follow-up ministries, which include Altar Work, Believers’ classes, Telephone, Mentoring, Ushers, Greeters, Car-park and Hospitality, as well as New Members Classes. She is also the coordinator of the Christian Service Training Program. In addition, she has the responsibility of co-ordinating major events on the church’s calendar, including the overseas itinerary for the Senior Pastor and ministry team.

Pastor Luke Quamina
Luke Quamina is a dynamic young motivational speaker and music artiste with a powerful call of God upon his life who has travelled extensively to minister throughout the USA, the Caribbean and Europe. He has impacted audiences with his courageously honest messages in word and song, always keeping true to his life mission: “to expose and reveal the truth.”

An inspiring speaker, Luke addresses topics such as leadership, purpose, purity, parent-child relationships, choices, habits, and more. In his own native Trinidad and Tobago, this choice son of the soil is in great demand as a motivational speaker at churches, schools, universities, community groups and business training seminars.

In many ways, Luke has embraced the legacy passed on to him by his father, Pastor Cecil Quamina. One of the main ways he has done this is to take up the challenge to carry the gospel out to the nations. Luke’s passion for missions is demonstrated by the verse of Scripture which guides his life: Jeremiah 1:10,  See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant” (KJV).

A Florida Memorial University graduate, Luke holds a bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems and a master’s degree in Organization Management and Development. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Nova Southeastern University in Florida.

Luke serves on the Pastoral Staff of the First Church of the Open Bible in San Fernando, Trinidad, supporting the leadership in fulfilling the mission and vision of the church.

Pastor David Charles
Minister David Charles became a member of the First Church of the Open Bible several years ago. He joined the pastoral staff in 2004 and serves today as the Assistant Youth Pastor under the leadership of Pastor Mark David.

Known as the Psalmist, David writes inspirational songs and leads God’s people with great passion in the area of worship. His leadership skills and responsibilities include coordinating Youth Prayer meetings, Youth Worship Team and planning all aspects of Youth Ministry activities. His responsibilities also extend to providing Religious Instruction and coordinating the school outreach ministry of our church.

David is currently pursuing a double major at the Caribbean Nazarene College in Santa Cruz. He is happily married to Kristle and they are the proud parents of a daughter.

Pastor Mark Lochan
Mark Lochan

In 2006 God placed a passion and desire on Pastor Mark’s heart for missions and evangelism. He decided to obey the call of God and later that year, he enrolled at the Open Bible Institute of Theology (OBIT) and majored as a mission student.  After graduating from OBIT, he began teaching the new believers class and committed himself to the telephone ministry. Throughout the years of training and development, he believed God was the one calling him to full time ministry, a life of total surrender. In 2010, Pastor Mark became full time in ministry and joined the staff at SFOB. He has the responsibility for Assimilating new members into the congregation and also teaches the new members class and the Christian Service Training Academy (CSTA).

His vision is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to all nations and has ministered to congregations in Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. He is dedicated to mentoring and discipling Christians and believes that the true evidence of salvation is the manifestation of everlasting fruit in the lives of all those who believe. Pastor Mark is supported by his wife Sunita who he met at OBIT. Currently he is furthering his studies at Caribbean Nazarene College in the area of Human Resource Management and Theology.