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6 Comments to OBTV

  1. Joycelyn

    Blessing’s the OB Church Family,
    I was so Blessed to be able to hear the Voice of the Lord Speaking through this service tonight. Thank you for the Word. I am in the wonderful State of WI – USA and it is frigid cold here. But this WORD and Praise Has Warmed My Heart.

  2. Natasha Jenny Edmund

    Great Song of Choice Roxanne! WOW! I love this song! It is such a blessing to see a young person do this song! Keep singing for Jesus! Bless you!

  3. How GREAT is our God!!!

  4. Natasha Jenny Edmund

    Lord we thank you for freedom of worship. May we not take our privilege for granted in Jesus’ Name!

  5. Natasha Jenny Edmund

    I am trully blessed to be living in this era! Our giving reflects our love for the Lord!

  6. Enjoying your Sunday Morning Service here in London

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